Short description: An unlikely group comes together with secret agendas of their own. Danger lurks… darkness grows…
Unless they figure out how to work together (let alone trust each other), doom approaches.

Long description: A secret organization, only known as “Til Aske” has recently started to make claims that they have created something so profound, and so dangerous, that it can change the course of humanity. Well, that doesn’t sound so bad, right? Whatever it might be, it has the major powers in the known world in a panic for more information. Information that no one seems to be able to obtain.

A group of specialists have been brought together for one purpose: obtain intel on the Til Akse and find out what they are planning. Each member of the group has secrets and agendas of their own, but they may find that they are in over their heads. Unless they can learn to become a team and work together, humanity may be doomed.

This game will bring high octane adventure filled with secrets, spy craft, and a fair amount of science in your fiction.

Empires to Ashes